You can manage your claim at any time by entering your claim number and email address below with the ability to:

  • Check status of claim
  • Upload documents / additional information
  • Withdraw a single property or the entire claim

You will receive an email if we require more information and/or when your claim has been processed.

If we request additional information, you will have 90 days to provide additional information in support of your claim or the entire claim will be deemed as withdrawn due to inactivity.

Once all necessary documentation has been received, the claim will be reviewed within 120 days. If the claim is approved, the property will be delivered within 60 days of the approval.

* Payments for a claim of the property of a deceased individual will be payable to the estate of the deceased individual.

** If you are claiming a property that is displayed as “not disclosed,” we will review your claim. If your claim is validated, we will provide the holder with your current contact information so they can reconnect you with your property.

For inquiries, please contact FCNB staff at